Free legal advice UK – Family Law

Free legal advice is available to anyone in the UK who does not have enough experience dealing with legal affairs. If you are looking for free legal advice in the sphere of family law, you can search the net and find solutions to your problems. People with strained relationships in their families often need legal help.
A good place to look into is Law on the Net ( When you click the Family law menu you will find plenty of useful links about any problems that concern family law – divorce, living with your partner without marriage, children, domestic violence.
Another site is Simple Free Law Advisor ( Choosing the Divorce & Family law menu, you have access to a lot of useful information about divorce as long as divorce is considered the most important issue in family law. Of course, there is plenty of information about relationships and children. A list of solicitors you can turn to all over UK is available.
The Children’s Legal Centre ( is a charity that is specialized in legal advice that affects children in UK, including family law. Another place to search into is in the Citizens advice bureau you can learn a lot about family law issues in the UK, including health, home and neighborhood and education.
So these sites are places where you can get legal advice about any issues of family law in the UK.